Low bed trailer

Our low bed trailer is a Semi-trailer that has two drops in deck, one right after the gooseneck and one right before the tires. This allows the deck of the low bed trailer to be lower than normal trailers, offering the ability to carry heavy and high loads while other trailers could not.

We can offer several variants of low bed trailer, such as fixed gooseneck - which allow a longer deck length and lightest weight of all low bed trailer, mechinical gooseneck - second longest deck length and weight, and hydraulic detachable gooseneck - Quickest and easiest to detach while the total weight will be heavy.

Featuing low bed trailer

The low bed trailer is made by advanced techniques from both Europe and China.
Key parts of the low bed trailer have been equipped with high quality fitting purchased from those famous brands both at home and aboard.
Safe and reliable driving for low bed trailer.
Payload ranging from 30T to 120T, or even more.
Easy maintenance and convenience for car carrier trailer.
Spring ramp or Hydraulic ramp.
low bed trailer
Name 3 axle low bed trailer
Model BJQ80T-17
Overall dimension 17000 * 3000 * 1200mm
Loading capacity 80T
Hydraulic ramp one set
Axle 18T x 3
Suspension spring belt 90 *16*8
Tyre 11:00 R22.5 12sets
Disc wheel suitable with tyres
Kingpin #50
Landing gear 25T
Deck flooring steel sheet 5mm with grain
Brake system Double pipe air brake
Electrical system 24V, 7 pin socket
Tool box 1 set
Water tank 1 set
Surface process Sandblasted
Painting Base coating + surface painting

low bed trailer drawing

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Low bed trailer for Saudi Arabia
low bed trailer
low bed trailer
low bed trailer
Special low bed trailer for military application
bogie low bed trailer
bogie low bed trailer
bogie low bed trailer
Other special low bed trailer
low bed trailer
low bed trailer
low bed trailer